Sertoma New Service 2/11/11

1st Live on-line Sertoma Candidate Forum
Feb 28 6:30 p.m. CST
With our special election this spring, and the transition of our meeting and convention schedule, we are bringing the candidates for the Sertoma Board to you live. They will answer your questions and share their thoughts on the future of Sertoma. The candidates for Vice-President are Eddie Dlugopolski and David Johnson. The candidate for Director-at-large is Alton Boral. This forum is open to all Sertoma members. Members will have the opportunity to ask questions that evening by typing them.

However, as we do not know how many members will participate, there is a concern for how many questions we can review and address during the forum. If you have questions you would like considered, please feel free to send those in advance so they can be provided to the moderator.  This forum will last between an hour and ninety minutes.

Before the forum it is recommended that you test if your computer is compatible with the webinar software so any issues can be resolved prior to that point.

To participate join the Candidate Forum Webinar up to 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Please be sure and get online a few minutes early to ensure you have plenty of time to login. If you have issues with the software contact support.

Special Election Notice
The Official Notice of the Special Election being held this spring is in the Winter issue of the Sertoman that mails later this month.   To see a copy of the notice, which includes the plan and process  the election visit the Sertoma web site.

Video Training on Special Election Process
If your club has a Club Liaison, they were provided the information and materials to train your club on how the special election process will work, and how members will vote.  As we know not all clubs have a Liaison, we asked one of our Officers, Mr. Tim Hazel to do a recorded version we could post on the Sertoma web site.  This is just one example of the type of information and support a Club Liaison receives to provide your club. 

Is your club participating in Sertoma’s SAFEEars! program? This is a simple program to promote the club and Sertoma’s national focus in hearing health.  Download the updated order form with new items and prices.


2 thoughts on “Sertoma New Service 2/11/11

  1. Do any of your clubs in the Dallas County area have access to Multi-
    Language (picture) cards?
    I am a Social Worker in a Long Term Care Facility where the material
    would be very valuable.

    My email address

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