In Search of the Words

This year we celebrate the centennial of Sertoma while we plan for our 2nd Century of Service.  It demands that we take time not only to reflect on our history but also to define our future.  To what end will Sertoma exist?  How will we enact that purpose, and what values guide our effort?  What will it mean to be a Sertoman?  

As individuals, these may seem easy to define.  The challenge is finding definitions that represent all Sertoma — definitions that describe individual members, the clubs, and Sertoma as a national movement.  Definitions that allow those we serve and support and those who support our efforts to see a reflection of themselves.   As we look to our 2nd Century, it must also allow future individuals, organizations, and communities to know and identify with what Sertoma means. 

Those definitions are the core building blocks on which our future rests.  They are the foundation and the touchstone for why we exist, what we wish to achieve, and how we will move forward.  Every decision we make about our mission, programs, or membership must reflect and add value to those definitions.  All who participate in, or we touch by our service should know and share in the values and beliefs these words represent. 

Are you ready for the challenge? Distill those definitions for why we exist, what we wish to achieve, and how to move forward in no more than three sentences.  Bonus points if you can do all three in 25 words or less – but your effort can be no longer, than what you can say in one breath.  If you are a member of the Sertoma Board, you already face this challenge as they work to build a foundation for a 2nd Century of Service. 

So it begins – our search for words — words of power, truth, and clarity.  Words like “I do”, “I love you”, and “I pledge allegiance …” words that require no explanation, no confirmation – that stand universally understood.  To accept this challenge is both burden and privilege as we seek the words on which to build a 2nd Century of Service.  Join us in our search; share your thoughts on the words that will define our future – that honor our past. 

Steve Murphy
Executive Director


One thought on “In Search of the Words

  1. Sertoma assists people in many types of communities with education on Hearing Health while allowing local projects. Anyone can join us in various membership formats.

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