Seasons Change

This morning as I drove to work, I looked at a wonderfully clear blue sky through the dark branches of our now leafless trees. I realized that unless I actually knew – I could not have really told you from the sky and trees if it was late fall or early spring. It got me thinking about how we see things can have a great deal to do with how we feel and how we act.

In the Fall (at least for those in the Midwest) it tends to be a season of defense. We clean away all the dead from our yards; we secure all the outdoor stuff, winterize the cars and boats, and stock up for ice storms. In the Spring we reverse the process – but it is in expectation rather than defense. The yard is planted and tended, we cleanup and set up our outdoor stuff, the lake toys are prepared and stock up for barbeques.

As I look around Sertoma, I find myself in a quandary about what season it might be. In some clubs I see the signs of fall. Members seem to be in a defensive mood – trying to preserve and prepare for a long winter. Not hard to understand as we work through difficult economic times. We have seen a shift in society that makes our traditions and structures less attractive to younger people, and none of us seem to be getting any younger.

On the other hand in looking at those same conditions, other clubs seem to be preparing for Spring. Clubs are showing a renewed focus on mission and Sertoma service. They are trying out new structures and ways to engage members of the community. A bit of Spring cleaning and some less useful items are gone and we spruce up others that can still be put to good use. The world around those clubs has not changed, but they have changed to enter a season of new growth.

It reminds me of the question –“Is the glass half full or half empty?” Well that depends, “Are you pouring water out, or pouring water into the glass?” As we celebrate our 100th Anniversary, now is time to be preparing for spring, to start pouring some water back into the glass.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, it is a wonderful time to reflect on how much Sertoma has brought into our lives, and those who benefit from Sertoma service. It is also a perfect time to consider how many more people that could truly benefit from being part Sertoma service in our community in the coming year. May you and yours enjoy the best of the holiday – and may we share the blessing of being “Sertoma” with others in the year to come.

Yours in Service
Steven Murphy
Executive Director


2 thoughts on “Seasons Change

  1. I was recently invited to be a guest speaker at the Sertoma club in Mapleton MN. I was comforted to see others who take enjoyment in helping others, genuinely. As I pursued interest in the organization, I was curious to understand it better. While reading the blogs on the website, nothing was mentioned about the LORD!!! GOD, has inspired me, to live to help others,”GOD, others, then one’s self”. Where does the club stand on this? I would like to volunteer for this organization to see where I can help, and to learn to help others sucessfully, but I was trying to understand this org. better. Club, or no club , I am always willing to help others in time of need!

  2. Chrystapher:

    Faith is a common factor in a person’s passion and willingness to provide service to others. As you note, that trait is not limited to being part of a club or organization, it is part of the individual. Sertoma is by Charter, not a religious or political organization. However, I have never been to a Sertoma function that did not open with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. In that we honor the motivations of all our members and volunteers, be they brought to service by faith, or a sense of civic duty. It is not our role to address a person’s motivation for service, but rather provide a culture and opportunity to produce positive outcomes for those being served, and those giving service.

    Yours in Service

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